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Ignore the soft toys in the background, I am essentially a 12 year old stuck in the body of a 17 year old that looks like they are a 12 year old. 
Steve Garrigan Kodaline WIP

Anonymous said: Any tips for drawing people and portraits ? Thanks :)

Hi, sorry it’s taken me so long to get round to this, I’ve been in Spain for two weeks with NO INTERNET (gasp)!

I’m not too sure how to answer this because it is mostly just practice- and it’s also quite nice if you have some natural talent/genes (my Grandpa went to art school and was amaaaazing at watercolours!). 

I would always make sure you are drawing from a very high quality image (if you are drawing from an image) and make sure it is in greyscale (black and white) if you are just using plain graphite. I don’t recommend using a grid method when you start out because it doesn’t allow you to gain the skills to draw proportions correctly which is essential if you are aiming for photorealism. 

Everybody works differently and you just need to find the right method for you, personally I work outwards starting with an eye or another detailed facial feature because it means that the drawing will scale up naturally rather than forcing it into a confined space. Many people draw an outline first but this all depends on my attention span, whether i  want to draw complete detail in first or not.

What I do definitely suggest is to see everything in light and shade not lines because your face is not made up of lines, in fact forget it is a face altogether just make sure the shadows and highlights match the photo you can then apply this to drawing whatever. This means I don’t technically draw an outline but I block in shadows with a H pencil very lightly until I have a light rough of the photo with tone already there.

I then add more detailed and darker layers making sure everything matches the picture making sure the highlights are added in if necessary with a pencil eraser. I just takes a lot of time and patience to make sure it looks how you want it to!

On a side note: Realism isn’t necessarily ‘correct’ drawing is merely an interpretation of your surroundings, I just feel I want a grounding in this more traditional route before I start ‘breaking the rules’ and making it more abstract. And I say ‘breaking the rules’ in the loosest term!

Sorry that was so long! I’m not great with words- I’ll probably do a tutorial thing later on this month when I back in the swing of things regarding school to demonstrate what I do! :)

Also thank you for even considering me to turn to for advice on drawing! :O I hope I helped somehow :) 


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1.What’s your name? Katherine (Kat/Kath)

2.When’s your birthday? January 24th

3.Where are you from? London

4.Do you have a crush? erm Tom Hiddleston/Luke Newberry/Domnhall Gleeson duh (but no one in real life)

5.Favorite color? I’ve never had one but i tend to wear boring colours like grey, brown, navy, cream, khaki

6.Write something in caps? MOIST

7.Got a favorite band/artist? atm Kodaline/Muse/pre-2005 Coldplay

8.What’s your favorite number? 24- it’s nice and even

9.What’s your favorite drink? Water yep I know, booorring

10.Tag 10 people. I don’t know ten people on tumblr… anyone that wants to do it I guess.. (and hrokr)

Anonymous said: wow, your steve drawing is amazing!!!

Thank you so much lovely anon! x

WIP Kodaline’s Steve Garrigan!
Katniss ink and watercolour on cold press watercolour paper.
Hermione Granger Ink and Watercolour
Hermione ink drawing
”Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.”
-Luna Lovegood
Watercolour / A4
Luna Lovegood watercolour WIP
Luke Newberry as Kieren Walker from ‘In the Flesh’ drawing!
First and foremost this drawing made me question my love of Kieran’s woolly jumpers (only 4 hours of my life gone…)
(The splodge is rainwater)
Keiran Walker In the Flesh (Luke Newberry) drawing WIP. I’m attempting the grid method for the first time in 5 years and tbh it took me about an hour to just draw the lines but at least it’s helping with the details now- and its also given my drawing a nice outline!
Did I mention my obsession with Avatar?